Quality Assurance Procedures

  • Most procedures are repeated throughout each production. Results are carefully recorded and retained. A sample of finished laminate is also retained for future reference.
  • Colorimeter is used to ensure consistent color of vinyl film and finished laminate. Light transmission (opacity), critical for tents and awnings, is also checked on the finished laminate.
  • Elmendorf Tear Tester is used to test strength of vinyl. Vinyl is also checked for lacing (holes).
  • Instron is used to test tensile (break) strength, tear resistance and adhesion of the finished laminate.
  • Q-U-V Panel is used for accelerated weathering evaluation. Samples of vinyl film and finished laminate are exposed to high-intensity UV lamps, heat and moisture in order to evaluate resistance to fading and degradation in actual usage.
  • Precision balance beam scale is used to determine the ounce-weight per square yard of materials.
  • Wyzenbeek Abrader, along with Instron, is used to determine the loss of tensile strength of a sample after being abraded.
  • Mullen hydrostatic tester is used to measure the burst strength of the finished laminate. A sample is subjected to increasing water pressure until it bursts.
  • Flame chamber is used to test samples for flame retardancy. Under tightly controlled conditions, a sample is ignited by a gas flame. The char length and the elapsed time from flame cut-off until after-glow expires are measured.