Carnival of Colors Tent and Awning Fabric

Carnival of Colors is Snyder Manufacturing’s newest tent and awning fabric product. A high-durability product with a long-lasting, high-gloss color finish and excellent resistance to weather and strong UV rays, Carnival of Colors is ideal for carnival tents, theme park tents, concession tents, circus tents and awnings. This 17 oz./yd2 material is available in 12 vivid colors.

Sound Blocking Fabrics

Snyder Manufacturing Sound Barrier Fabrics (STC13 & STC17) are sound blocking materials that reduce outside noise and light for demanding architectural applications. These technical fabrics are made from a flexible, high-density, reinforced vinyl that resists the passage of sound waves and reduces the transmission of airborne noise. STC 13 and STC 17 are ideal for direct application to the noise source and/or to the housing covering the noise source.

Snyder Sound Barrier products are thin, lightweight, flexible, flame-retardant products that are formulated with anti-mildew, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial agents. In addition, Snyder Sound Barrier fabrics completely eliminate light from transmitting through the fabric.

Applications for the tent market include sidewalls and liner fabric, reducing sound emanation from noisy event tents.

For industrial and construction markets, applications include a very thin layer of sound blocking mass for floors or walls with tight space constraints; a flexible layer to wrap columns or pipes, to line ductwork, or to fill gaps around doors and windows; and as a portable source of mass to be used as a portable sound blanket or noise control curtain.

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